We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers of Flexible Connectors made by adopting special technique of Hot Pressed Electro Fusion Welding Process for carrying high current, to minimize, mill volt drop, to avoid temperature rising, to reduce power losses & to save energy consumption. We are using electrolytic Grade & High Conductivity Copper Foils and wire to produce best result.

Copper components is the most important part in transmission system. They take care of the thermal & dynamic stresses to avoid breakage of insulators due to inherent vibrations of the equipment under operation.

The technique acquired by us gives the friction free flow of current to provide better life to the flexible.


  • Copper Strip Flexible
  • Aluminum Strip Flexible
  • Copper Braided Flexible
  • Copper Braided Links in round & Flat
  • Stranded Wire Rope bare, silver & tinned finish
  • Copper Rods
  • Special Copper components for any configuration

SRG is catering to the need of various industries such as:

  • Electrical Control Panel Industries
  • Power Distribution Industries
  • Switch Gear Industries
  • Railway & State Electricity Boards
  • Atomic Power Plants
  • Heavy Chemical Industries
  • Carbon Brush Industries
  • Thermal Power Projects
  • Hydro Power Projects

Besides the above many more industries are using flexible connectors for resistance welding machines, circuit breakers and galvano engineering etc.