SRG Metalcrafts(India) Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company focusing on both producing and research on PU elastomer. Owning to modern equipments and high-skillful technician, our company can meet any special requirements from the customers. Our main products are as follows: PU De Watering Screens, PU Screen Mesh, Flip Flow Screens, PU sieve Plates, PU Wear-Resistant Plates, PU Bars, PU Sheet Materials, PU Seal Rings and other PU Mechanical Fittings.

  • A wide range of hardness - It also has rubber elongation and elastic under the high hardness. PU elastomer hardness in the range of shore A10-D80.
  • High intensity - Their break strength, tear strength and load-bearing capacity are much higher than the generic rubber under the hardness of rubber. It's impact strength and bending strength is much higher than plastic's under high hardness.
  • Wear-resistance - It has outstanding wear-resistance ie. 3-5 times higher than rubber in the general range of 0.01-0.10cm3/1.61km.
  • Oil-resistance - PU elastomer is a high-molecule, and almost not eroded in oil.
  • Good absorber performance - it functions a good vibration absorbing ability instead of rubber and spring mould makes.
  • Low Temperature - PU has a unique property of maintaining lower temperatures.
  • Radiation-resistance - PU have good performance in the 10-10 radiation.
  • Good cutting properties - such as lathing, grinding and boring.
  • Outstanding performance in Oxygen endurable and ozone-resistant.