Classing Grain Size: 0.1-150mm

Apperture Type: rectangular, square, round, narrow-pore

Aperture Size: 3mm to 100mm


  1. SRG Screen can effectively absorb impact and reduce noise and improve the working environment. We manufacture great variety of PU screen with good quality.
  2. Unique structure, It is appropriate and flexible plastic, it can reduce the card blocking and at the same time the second harmonic vibration frequency. The opening is at higher rate and highly efficient.
  3. Sieve plate made by vertical & horizontal screen with 3-10 times higher wear-resistance PU material contained in article wire which is lighter than additional metal mesh.

The varieties are PU Macro porous sieve/plate, PU needle-slot dewatering screen/plate, PU straight-joint screen/plate, high-frequency fine draw screen, soft PU Screen etc.

The installation types include tensioned type, skeleton type, rose nail type, bolt link type rail support type, press bar type or steel skeleton, Profile Locking Bar etc.


Colored and Black Metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke, and other raw materials), coal chemicals, building material, water and electricity projects, abrasive waste disposal, quarries and other industries materials washing, screening, grading and other industries. A variety of standard format and size of the new structure of the sieve plate model, particularly strong impact, hardness, high wear-resistance requirements of the occasion, Sieving in the iron ore, coal grade, gold, building materials, as well as water and electricity, nuclear power engineering, such as screening the gravel with wear-resistant plate.


PU Modular Panel


PU Modular Screens


PU Curved Rotary Drum Screen


PU Piano Type Screen


PU Skeleton Square Hole Screen


PU Square Hole Wire Mesh With Clamp